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Fearless Art Jumpstart: A 14-Day Drawing Challenge to Unlock Your Creative Self

I joined this fabulous Skillshare class to get myself started once again doing daily art. There are over 30 short videos that describe and demonstrate each day of the challenge. Join Skillshare Premium and get your first 2 months for free!

Visual Journaling and Expressive Art

Starting a expressive art Visual Journal is one way to bring healing into your daily life. Unresolved emotions and chronic stress are directly connected to illness and health. Using a visual journal can help you to overcome these unwanted effects.

Expressive art journaling can help you to make a deeper connection with your soul. Journals can also help you find purpose and meaning in your live.

Colorizing Black and White Images

Technique for making black and white images colorful in your visual art journal. Below is my finished [...]

Branch Out on Your Own

I'm going to do something different in this video, I'm only going to show you the first part of [...]

  • Finding Inspiration in Abstract Art

Finding Inspiration in Abstract Art

I'm very inspired by what other artists are creating and I'm always looking for new ways to express myself. [...]

Creativity Support Services

Visual Journal Table of Creativity

Creativity Coaching – Creativity Coaching is similar to life coaches, but I focus specifically on helping you to find, develop and/or bring to life the creativity that is wanting to be born in you. Creativity coaching differs greatly from life coaching too because creative types tend to play by a different set of rules.  Find Out More…

Creative Soulpreneur – A Creative Soulpreneur uses her unique creative talents to create meaningful work and a life that supports her soul. This is you even if it’s just a hobby or a dream. This is you even if you work for someone else right now. It’s what’s in your heart that counts.  Find Out More…

Creative Clutterbugs – Discover the power of decluttering your life as a way to open up to greater experiences. The more stuff you hold on to, the less room you have to take in the things that are wanting to come to you. And by stuff, I mean EVERYTHING… material, mental, emotional, it’s all stuff taking up room and if it doesn’t support your purpose, then you have choices.  Find Out More…

Creative Art Tutoring – Creativity Tutoring combines a unique style of coaching with creative lessons tailored to your unique expression.   Find Out More…

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