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Upcoming Creative Resources Include:

Intuitive Art Techniques E-Course for the Soul
In August I’ll be rolling out an all new e-course on creating mixed-media soul-work

Tips for Visual Notetaking and Lifelong Learning
In September you’ll be able to sign up for a free introduction to Visual Notetaking

Soulful Resources You Won’t Want to Miss
A new mini e-series for soulful, creative and mind-expanding resources will be coming in October

More to Come Every Month!
Sign-up today and be notified when new creative classes and resources are available on The Visual Journal!

Creating Intuitive Mixed Media Artwork

Creating Intuitive Mixed Media Artwork

Art Techniques for the Soul

Coming in August I’ll have a free online course on intuitive Art. Creating on an intuitive level is a fascinating area. In many ways artwork is always created from the intuitive or gut level. But to consciously approach our artwork with the intent of creating solely on an intuitive level takes effort to keep the Monkey Mind at bay. In this course you’ll be gently guided to create your own Intuitive Mixed Media Artwork.

FREE Videos on Visual Journaling and Expressive Art

Starting a expressive art Visual Journal is one way to bring healing into your daily life. Unresolved emotions and chronic stress are directly connected to illness and health. Using a visual journal can help you to overcome these unwanted effects.

Expressive art journaling can help you to make a deeper connection with your soul. Journals can also help you find purpose and meaning in your live.

Colorizing Black and White Images

Technique for making black and white images colorful in your visual art journal. Below is my finished [...]

Branch Out on Your Own

I'm going to do something different in this video, I'm only going to show you the first part of [...]

  • Finding Inspiration in Abstract Art

Finding Inspiration in Abstract Art

I'm very inspired by what other artists are creating and I'm always looking for new ways to express myself. [...]

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