This might possibly be the worse video you’ve ever seen but I was brave enough to record it and post it, that was huge for me. (and it’s not really that bad, I just want to make this a simple process so I’m not going to fiddle with these videos)

Some things you might like to know…

To keep these videos easy to create and simple to post I’m going to keep my comments and techniques to a minimum (as well as my proofreading, so don’t even think about giving me any grief over this! LOL). However there are a few things I wanted to point out.

First, the colored pencils I used are Inktense and they are simply amazing. They are like watercolor pencils but they are ink, they are permanent and they are color intense! Since the color changes so much from dry to wet, I made the reference cards that you see me using in the video, super helpful for getting just the right color.

Second, the paint I used in this video is a liquid acrylic with glazing liquid. I put down the inktense first to get all the details, then I added a layer of paint on top which added color depth (the pencil down first allows me to be a little sloppy with the paint layer).

Third and lastly, I used an erasing technique that is a bit like magic. When you use the glazing liquid (NOT glazing medium, that’s different stuff and won’t work for this technique because it dries too fast) with the liquid acrylics. Glazing liquid slows down the dry time which allows you to erase color (and gives you more workable time). All you do is add some glazing liquid to your brush, scrub over the recently painted area (within a few minutes) and it will lift the paint so you can remove it.

Below is the video that finishes up the page spread, enjoy!