About Karen Dawn

I believe that we are all creative beings and that whatever path you are on, just being aware of your own creativity is an expression that is uniquely you. To find your creative voice, trust yourself and learn to be the journey that is your own creative path.

Colorizing Black and White Images

Technique for making black and white images colorful in your visual art journal. Below is my finished page I'd love to see where you take this! Please Join my Free and Private FaceBook Group to post your creations.

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Branch Out on Your Own

I'm going to do something different in this video, I'm only going to show you the first part of my creative process. My thinking is to help you to find your own creative results by finishing this spread on your own. I also start off with a drawing, what you draw is completely up [...]

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ReUsable Handmade Artist Paper Class

Learn a variety of easy-squeezy techniques to make your own artist papers to use on your visual journals and you don't even need to be an artist! I'll show you some tricks that will turn you into an instant artist with your own unique flare. No artist experience required! BONUS: [...]

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Finding Inspiration in Abstract Art

I'm very inspired by what other artists are creating and I'm always looking for new ways to express myself. Knowing that I don't have to start with a blank slate, that it's okay to copy and thereby learn from what others are doing, is a great way to expand my own abilities. Mix-media is [...]

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