About Your Host and Creativity Coach, Karen Dawn

My Life Changed by Letting Go of Busyness

Before I started my visual art journal adventures, my life was busy with all sorts of busyness. I knew if I wanted to have a creative life somethings would have to go. Simply put, there was no room for anything more.

Slowly I began to let go of this, then that. Several months later I looked at my calendar and there was only one thing on it, a doctors appointment. It was at this moment that I knew my life was about to change. I had made room for what I truly know now is my purpose… and my life began to bloom.

In the 21st century, life is busting at the seams for most, especially in America where the pressure is on full time. The relentless busyness of our times is not new. In 1875, W.R. Greg wrote an article called Life at High Pressure, “a life lived so full […] that we have no time to reflect where we have been and whither we intend to go.”

You don’t have to empty out your life as I did, but if you want creative time to reflect and begin to take in your life more fully, you will need to decide what is truly important to you. If creativity, journaling or taking time for yourself is something you value, you will create the time. Start small, take it slow and make meaningful steps a part of your life.

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Teacher and Creativity Coach Bio (the official stuff, lol)

Karen Dawn specializes in facilitating coCreative learning experiences in Visual Art Journaling with a focus on building supportive communities for women of all skill levels. Karen has been teaching Visual Art Journaling since 2015. She is a self taught artist who enthusiastically shares her talents and passion for creativity.

Karen earned her certificate in coaching from the Coach Training Alliance in 2008 as well as taking additional classes in addiction recovery coaching from Sober.com. In 2017 Karen studied with Jill Badonsky, taking both the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach training and her Muse Group Facilitator class training. Karen also completed Eric Maisel’s Introduction to Creativity Coach Training. Eric Maisel is the known as the founder of Creativity Coaching.

Peak into My Studio!
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Creative Space Organization

I love making creative spaces usable and inviting. If you need help organizing your creative space I’d love to help. More Info…

Organized Art Room

The Creative Flow

My work space looks pretty much like this everyday. I always have a lot of projects to keep me in the creative flow. As a creativity coach I help women find that flow too, it’s one of things I love about the work I do.

Artist at Play