Visual Journaling and Expressive Art

Starting a expressive art Visual Journal is one way to bring healing into your daily life. Unresolved emotions and chronic stress are directly connected to illness and health. Using a visual journal can help you to overcome these unwanted effects.

Expressive art journaling can help you to make a deeper connection with your soul. Journals can also help you find purpose and meaning in your live.

What People are Saying

I love visual journaling with Karen Dawn! She teaches us the creative outlet and emotional value of putting our thoughts and feelings down on paper with texture and color, pictures or drawings. Her positive attitude and open heart, causes everyone in her presence to feel totally comfortable and included. She opened me up to the secrets of visual journaling and keeps me coming back for more!
What a fun session. Karen had all the supplies we could possibly need. There were many ways we could complete the project, which made it creative and everyone was very engaged. Karen is a delight!
Karen Dawn is passionate about helping people. Through teaching Visual Journaling, Karen helps people to lead richer lives, more in touch with themselves and their emotions. Karen is knowledgeable, organized and dedicated, it is clear, that she is excited about what she is doing. This allows her to reach out to people and establishes trust which in turn facilitates healing and centering.
Excellent. Great class. I just love it!!! I learn something new every meeting and I look forward to the next class with excited anticipation. Great group members –friendly, fun, inspiring, and talented. Leader Karen has so many creative ideas and superb at presenting imaginative and fun projects. Karen is a talented and patient teacher.
Thanks for being part of my journey, Karen. I learn so much from you. You’ve helped me get back in touch with and trust my healing intuitive side.

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