Why Journal Writing is Not a Dumping Ground

I do my journal writing mostly in the morning. Whenever I mention this morning writing, Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, as she writes about in her book The Artist Way, seems to comes up for a lot of people.

I’ve heard others describe Morning Pages as a “dumping ground”, a place to dump all your thoughts so that they don’t get in the way of the day ahead of you.

Well, that got me to thinking. I do not believe this is what I do every morning, although sometimes it might feel that way. Here’s what I write about…

Why I Write in a Journal

Journal writing is a way of reflecting on my previous day. It’s like I’m digesting and for some reason having rested overnight is important. Although I do write in the evening if something particularly disturbing happened that day.

I write to help me find the meaning in my life. I like to go beyond the surface reflection and writing helps me deepen the process.

Writing is a way to express curiosity, frustration, loss, and joy. I write for a lot of different reasons, but I rarely write in a way that might be considered a “dumping ground”. My writing is not “waste” from the previous day, or just thoughts that have no meaning and must be “dumped”.

Journal writing is a very conscious experience for me, one that is deeply meaningful and is a way that helps me learn and grow from life. After all, isn’t that why we are here? To learn, to grow, to listen more deeply?

Why do you you write? Do you write in the morning? If you did write, what would you write about?

What’s the difference between morning pages and journaling? Curious about what others think? Here’s a great post I just found at www.journalwild.com