Being Present

There’s a lot of books, presentations, and workshops delivered by people who believe they have the answers, that want to help others navigate life, be successful and solve life’s challenges. I’ve tried to follow their advice, practice their systems, do their workshop steps and believe that what they have to teach me will make me whole, solve my problems and help me to be successful in life.

There is one thing that comes to mind for me today and that is, if I simply show up with honestly and integrity, and know I am enough, I can be whole and complete in this moment while I move into the next.

Just for a moment imagine: I am not a problem that needs to be fixed, my challenges do not need to be overcome, I do not need solutions to be successful. I am simply experiencing the wonders of life and the more I can experience them, from all the perspectives I can manage to shift between, then I’m showing up and I am enough.