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Creativity Coaching and Art Tutoring Services

Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching is similar to life coaches, but I focus specifically on helping you to find, develop and/or bring to life the creativity that is wanting to be born in you. Creativity coaching differs greatly from life coaching too because creative types tend to play by a different set of rules.

Project Support: If you are stuck on a project and can’t seem to find a solution, I can help you brainstorm ideas and find a creative solution that will work for you. Having a creative partner can really help get things moving.

Creative Confidence: Building creative confidence is a super important skill to have as it affects all areas of your life. Together we will explore your strengths and talents so you can learn to build a strong foundation that will support your dreams and your life.

Soulpreneurship: Are you wanting to take your creative skills to the next level and start a business that fills your soul and purpose for being here? I’m super excited for you and I want to help in any way that I can. Find out more here

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Art Tutoring Services

Creativity Tutoring combines a unique style of coaching with creative lessons tailored to your unique expression.

Art Medium Support: Want know more about working with a particular medium, such as watercolor or colored pencil? I can help you get comfortable knowing how to work with the medium of your choice. I also do Mixed-Media if you’re feeling particularly adventurous!

Visual Art Journaling: This is where the rubber hits the road. Want to get your creative energy flowing again? Visual journaling is an amazing tool and I can’t wait to share with you this unique experience.

Support Service Pricing

1) $60 an hour

2) $200 for 4 hour (can be divided upto 4 sessions)