Get ready to have a blast with textures of all kinds! We are going to get a little crazzzzzzy creating texture plates that are perfect for visual journaling.

What does a woodburning, string, canvas, needlepoint, hot glue, foam, toothpicks, rubber-bands and potato sacks all have in common? Come and find out!!!

By the end of the afternoon you’ll have lots of tools to take home with you that are perfect for playing in your journal.

What to Bring – SEE SPECIAL NOTE *

All supplies are provided for your use during this class including paper. You may bring a journal of your own, mixed-media or watercolor paper is recommended and any supplies you wish to bring.

* Here’s the Special Note I promised you: Bring to the class anything and everything you can find that may or may not work. The fun is in exploring new materials, so bring what you can and we’ll go deep sea diving!

Only $30 | CASH ONLY PLEASE | all supplies included!

When: Sunday, April 30th, 2017 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Where: ArtWorks, 201 2nd Ave S., Edmonds, WA
Class Fee: Only $30 – all supplies included – CASH ONLY

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Below is just a sampling, I’ll be creating all week and will come prepared to show you how to create a dozen or more of for your own collection.