Colorizing Black and White Images

Technique for making black and white images colorful in your visual art journal. Below is my finished page I'd love to see where you take this! Please Join my Free and Private FaceBook Group to post your creations.

Branch Out on Your Own

I'm going to do something different in this video, I'm only going to show you the first part of my creative process. My thinking is to help you to find your own creative results by finishing this spread on your own. I also start off with a drawing, what you draw is completely up [...]

Finding Inspiration in Abstract Art

I'm very inspired by what other artists are creating and I'm always looking for new ways to express myself. Knowing that I don't have to start with a blank slate, that it's okay to copy and thereby learn from what others are doing, is a great way to expand my own abilities. Mix-media is [...]

Mid July Bloom – Journal Spread Video

Mid July Bloom is a multi layered approach along with some very inexpensive mixed-media options. This is an amazing process that leaves all planning behind allowing you to follow your intuitive flow and let those ideas bloom. Materials List Strathmore Visual Journal – 140lb watercolor paper (90 lb mixed-media paper will work too) [...]

Mind Body Spirit Tarot Card – Journal Spread

I've been exploring Body, Mind and Spirit spreads using the Shining Tribe deck which has images that are easy to draw and are steeped in historical meaning. Tarot is helping me to go deeper into my work, but don't get what I do with Tarot confused with fortune telling, I use the card as [...]

Cityscape – Abstracts in Acrylic & Ink

How to loosely follow a book art lesson and transform it into your own unique expression Materials List: Strathmore Visual Journal – 140lb watercolor paper Heavybody Acrylic paint (old credit or gift card to scrap it onto the page) Liquid Acrylics (red, blue and yellow plus paynes grey and titanium white) Glazing Liquid (not to [...]

The Fools Journey

Using Tarot to find my own personal meaning and connection comes out in my journal pages. This is not to be confused with any belief systems or methods for using Tarot, such as fortune telling. I simply use them as creative and intuitive inspiration. Anything visual or verbal that you feel connected with, curious about [...]

May 2017 Art Journal Pages 2

I did a voiceover on this video. It turned out to be pretty hilarious, it made me laugh anyway (did you know that if you laugh at yourself, other people can only laugh with you and not at you? My dad taught me this, so get laughing girlfriends!) Printable Mask As promised in [...]

May 2017 Art Journal Pages

This might possibly be the worse video you've ever seen but I was brave enough to record it and post it, that was huge for me. (and it's not really that bad, I just want to make this a simple process so I'm not going to fiddle with these videos) Some things [...]